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Smith Soul Works Migration

I will be migrating our host website from Siteground to Bluehost

This is our "ABOUT" page

We are Dulce and Jimmy.

I am a psychologist who is currently focusing on publishing my first novel and blogging.
I offer life coaching and pre-marital counseling

Jimmy, my husband, is a massage therapist, kriya yoga guru, wedding officiant, and writer.

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How to Find Joy in the Journey, Rather Than Relying on the Outcome

Hey Legends,

Last week we discussed some of the common misconceptions around making money from doing work that you love. The premise of that post was about how I often see people put so much focus on the outcome that they end up losing sight of the journey. And the whole point of doing things you love, is because you love doing them, right?! So, be sure to check that out that post if you haven’t read it yet, as it will give you the background on what we are talking about today.

It is easy to think that happiness lies in the outcome, that once we get to the mystical 'there', all our problems will be solved. It’s helpful to have goals, dreams and intentions but if you constantly want to fast forward to the final beat, you end up missing the best part of the song…

Which is why I believe in, live by and have been witness to the fact that a happy ending (versus a short-lived high) only comes if and when we find joy in the journey. So, here’s a few ways to enjoy the ride a little more.…

Contributor Guidelines to ADDitude Magazine

Contributors’ Guidelines Thank you for your interest in contributing to ADDitude. We’re always looking for strong writers, expert webinar hosts, and powerful stories about ADHD, learning disabilities, and other related conditions. 1. Writing for ADDitude MagazineWho: Most ADDitude articles are written by journalists and mental-health professionals. However, we are happy to receive first-person articles by parents, employers, teachers, etc. with personal experience with ADHD or LD and insights that might be helpful to ADDitude‘s readers. How: Read articles on to understand the kinds of articles we publish. Please be aware that story concepts you propose may have been suggested previously by others or may already be planned for publication by our editorial staff. What: If you’d like to propose an article idea or submit a manuscript you’ve already written, please send a query letter to ADDitude. Your query letter should include: A brief description or outline of your ideaWh…

Great Resource For Novel Writing

Beautiful Vistas in Anxious Dreamscapes

I'm always awed by the pictures that Bing or Microsoft shows me before I log into my computer. Today it's the picture you see above. Of course, when it was on my screen it was a whole lot prettier. Copyrighted by Robert Harding.

Yesterday, daylight savings time started. Zoey asked her dad to stay with us one more day and he granted it.

My dream before I woke up this morning consisted of Eddard that would change into Philip (my youngest brother, my brain has always done this). My dad that really looked more like Ed (my ex) and a girlfriend. We were touring Europe and I was cognizant that this is the third time I've been there.

In my dream I was recalling the last time I was in Europe where I saw a cruise/show ship just like they do in Disneyworld for Fantasmic (somewhere in Paris and in the daytime, Fantasmic is a show they do on water and only at night). This time we were in a strip mall or indoor mall like a flea market.

We stopped at a restaurant that let its customers eat o…

Life Always Gets In The Way

I want to die all of a sudden. A terrible thought that has been my way of coping since 19. I have a life worth saving. Writing is revealing, agonizing, and achingly healing. A vague sense of emotional truth I cannot articulate. I used to be very good at memorizing. All my brain cells performed at their highest performance to survive my childhood. Memory verses. All English, not Tagalog. So much so that I couldn’t read the Tagalog Bible. I could not even pray in Tagalog. Trauma can physiologically distort the functioning of the brain. Our brains can hide and erase memory to protect us from unbearable pain. I don’t think I have forgotten much. Was my tolerance for pain so high that instead of not remembering, I remembered everything? Then, because I remembered I developed an anxiety disorder at 12 and full depression seven years later. Freud suggested that traumatized people will attempt to revisit injury in all its complexity and form, in order to master its terror and regain emotiona…