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What Do I Have To Give?

How long did it take Richard Alpert to become Ram Dass?

How long did it take Starbucks to become the company they are now today?

How long did it take Facebook to become a successful social media outlet?

How long did it take for Michael Crichton to write his first book after leaving medicine?

How long did it take for John Grisham to publish his first book after stopping his law practice?

How long will my transformation take?

Patience is hard to come by.

I still feel torn in many directions.

I have so much to give.

So much to learn.

What do I do next?

The First Day of Camp Nanowrimo

I've done a lot of reading today. Read Karen Slaughter, Emma Donoghue, Brooke Warner, & Kamy Wicoff. And all of the contributors for today's email from "The Mighty."

It is the weekend before July 4th. My daughter is with us today and this whole weekend. I made 3 trips into Chattanooga today. My husband was able to ride our horse, Charlie. I'm just writing. Free writing perhaps.

Karen Slaughter and Emma Donoghue used the place as a character. Brooke Warner and Kamy Wicoff are coaches/mentors/publishers. I didn't get on my guest blogging certification program today, but that's okay. I got an email from Jon Morrow saying that he is proud of me. It's cute. And definitely encouraging. It's interesting to feel an infinity towards a person I haven't met face-to-face, but I guess it's only natural since I've been listening to him for two weeks now through the blog certification modules.

Today was nonstop. I didn't get any down time. I…