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J.K. Rowling's Top 10 Rules For Success (@jk_rowling)

Another Sunday Morning

Wait, is it still morning? Yes, it is. I have 4 minutes till morning is over. When I wake up every morning what nags at me is my asthma. Yes, it really sucks when you suck at breathing. So I get up to use the bathroom and then take my Breo and my Spiriva. And if it still feels like my chest is hurting I go ahead and take two puffs of my rescue inhaler. My daughter usually gets up when I get up. She has not left my bed yet. But that’s okay. I go to the kitchen to pour two mugs of coffee from the carafe which my husband lovingly programmed the night before. Make sure the temperature is right so I don’t burn my tongue which I have done a lot in the past. Bring him one to his bedside then go to my office to try to get through 1500+ emails (which I never get through, that’s why it stay in the thousands). Eventually, my daughter will scream “I’m hungry.” I guess something she never shed after weaning (you see that’s the gift of breastfeeding, all you have to do is pick her up, put her on m…