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Forming A Habit of Writing

I've been writing for two years now.

It's on and off. It was for 50 days straight and then life happened.

Then I started taking classes and reading stuff about blogging.

I entered my first NaNoWriMo last year (2016) which I thankfully achieved and again this year.

Forming a writing habit is pretty difficult for me as an overachiever. I think it's because I wrote for a grade most of the time trying to mostly achieve never really writing what's in my mind or what's going on with me. That led to me resenting writing because I never did it for myself.

I grew up with a lot of introjections and I'm a perfectionist. All of these really feeds my critic just saying all kinds of things in my head like,  "I have nothing to're not a good writer...blah, blah, blah, blah, blah."

This year is almost over. Just three more days in it. I haven't sent any holiday cards. I let myself off that hook as well.

I put the Christmas tree up on Christmas eve…