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Monday Writing

I finished the first module of my blogging certification program.

I have so much to do.

I'm still unpacking and finding places for the things I've unpacked.

July 4th is coming.

I get my daughter this weekend. Yay!

Freelancing, writing, and blogging is hard work.

Being a wife and mother is hard work.

My legs are freezing

My husband is yawning out loud

My son is sleeping

I am writing today.

I am writing today

And I will write everyday
I will get my content out there

Eventually my blogs will become popular
But first I have to write

Rain or shine
In today's case blistering heat

I write

I bought a Guestblogging Certification Program
last year!!!

I'm glad I did though
Because I had money then

I already bought a program. Cool.
I will be one of the top writers online.

He just said that becoming a writer

I am prepared for that!

He just said that my first post will take 40-50 hours
Rewriting it 5 times!

My first post will be a struggle
It will be rejected. Be prepared! I am!

I will do the work
I will follow directions

I will come out on the other side
I am writing!

Four-Year Catalog of Vacations / Trips from East to West

April 2012
Walt Disney World

June 1
Just entered California state line traveling for days

Atlanta, GA

Tybee Island, GA

St. Augustine, Florida

Writing After The Move

We moved around the first of May. We have been completing the move and I have been nesting for 6 weeks now. The move was intense! On one of those nights we stayed up over 24 hours loading a car and a minivan after 2 moves from a moving service called Bellhops. It was quite exhausting.

This move was a pretty big one. I closed 3 offices in Ringgold on December 31. And brought all that furniture and boxes and forced it into our 2 car garage. Three-months later we move from a 2,000+ square feet home to one that is less than 2,000 square including having to fit furniture from my Ringgold offices.

This move was also infused with legal custodial battles with my ex. The father of my children.

Finding my bearings has not been easy. But I applaud my humble beginnings--that is 5 posts on this blog since I started in April in the midst of looking at homes, etc.

I came across these websites on writing and I wanted to post them here so I can use them as reference.…