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La Poesia by Paul Neruda

Somebody knocked in my soul, Fever or forgotten wings, And I made my own way, deciphering that fire, And I wrote the first, faint line, Faint, without substance, pure Nonsense, pure wisdom of someone who knows nothing and suddenly I saw the heavens unfastened and open.

The Fly and Writing

There's a fly in my office It keeps circling my head I got out the fly swatter So I can whack it instead.
Right after I got back in my office I just kept swinging Whichever way I can Just to see if I can get lucky and strike it somehow.
It made me think of a metaphor  Of my writing style My focus and my goal I just get started and just get working.
I didn't get the fly And perhaps I'm being hard on myself But sometimes I feel like I'm wandering aimlessly
Just like I did when swatting at the fly Just hoping to get lucky. ...and of all the things I can write about I choose this.
All of the writing coaches Say "just write" Get in the habit of writing. I get so bogged down in perfecting it. I miss out on writing.
Here's a start... I didn't get the fly But I know that it will eventually stop I will eventually get my goal of being a published author.
Being a perfectionist Makes me think I'm doing it wrong But how can it be wrong If I'm just getting…