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John Yeoman's Writer's Village

It is sad to admit that I only came across John Yeoman after his death. When I subscribed to his blog, I got this letter--

John Yeoman<>

to me Thank you for your email. It is with sadness that I pass on the news that JohnYeoman passed away peacefully this month (July). This email account is no longer being regularly monitored, and the website and content will no longer be updated.

John has left us somewhat in the dark about the detailed comings and goings of his website and creative endeavours. I hope that you still manage to get enjoyment from his little corner of the internet, however all incoming and outgoing payments from the business Paypal account have been cancelled as of 13th July. Please be assured if you have donated to MacMillan Cancer Support via John we are sending a substantial cheque to this great organisation.

Thank you for your contributions thus far helping the community become the su…

Maya Angelou's Inaugural Poem (1993)

Listen: Dr. Maya Angelou Recites Her Poem "Phenomenal Woman" | Super Sou...

A Tribute to Maya Angelou, Musings on the USPS Commemorative Stamp

Her death stirred me. I really don't know why other than her birthday was around my birthday and I just thought her poems touched me. As some of you may know the United States Postal Service made a tribute stamp for her in 2014 and I promptly bought it. Part of me wanted to keep it as a collectible but I ended up using it. And now I am looking at an empty collectible stamp book and I don't have the nerve to throw it away unless I do something to remember it by. So I'm writing a blog about it.

This is what the stamp looked like--

This is the whole page--
And finally, the back said this--
Author, poet, actress, and champion of civil rights Dr. Maya Angelou (1928-2014) was one of the most dynamic voices in all of 20th-century American literature. The book I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, an autobiographical account of her childhood, gained wide acclaim for its vivid depiction of African-American life in the South.
Published in 1969, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sing…

I Miss You, Reggie

We lost our 14-year-old Min Pin on Wednesday, August 17. We found him a couple miles from our home. He was apparently hit by a car. We miss you, Reggie. It is a small consolation that at least you are no longer in pain (due to your arthritis).