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Beautiful Vistas in Anxious Dreamscapes

I'm always awed by the pictures that Bing or Microsoft shows me before I log into my computer. Today it's the picture you see above. Of course, when it was on my screen it was a whole lot prettier. Copyrighted by Robert Harding.

Yesterday, daylight savings time started. Zoey asked her dad to stay with us one more day and he granted it.

My dream before I woke up this morning consisted of Eddard that would change into Philip (my youngest brother, my brain has always done this). My dad that really looked more like Ed (my ex) and a girlfriend. We were touring Europe and I was cognizant that this is the third time I've been there.

In my dream I was recalling the last time I was in Europe where I saw a cruise/show ship just like they do in Disneyworld for Fantasmic (somewhere in Paris and in the daytime, Fantasmic is a show they do on water and only at night). This time we were in a strip mall or indoor mall like a flea market.

We stopped at a restaurant that let its customers eat on the counters on barstools around the kitchen where they prepared the food. You can see the waitresses gather the food. There were also display cases. I was enjoying an aperitif when my group stayed and sat at different points on the counter. We started where Eddard/Philip was and I left my bags with him. Ed/Dad kept walking and decided on a place completely on the other side of the counter. 

My girlfriend and I decided that we wanted something more substantial and asked for the waitresses for menus. On the menu were all kinds of exotic bugs and mosquitoes, and these were supposed to be edible.  The bugs are supposed to be eaten with IPAs or liquor. I couldn't understand how anyone could eat bugs no matter how avant-garde they presented it. I tried very hard to not show the disgust on my face for it would seem classless. What an ironic situation!

I looked inside and saw plates of pasta with marinara. The pasta were really long and huge, lo-mein-like noodles. I decided that's what I wanted. My friend walked around the counter to get the attention of a waitress. And eventually, she went to the bathroom. I motioned to the waitress if it was possible for me to order pasta. She motioned back with her fingers signaling it was prix fixe. This means that the pasta could only be offered in a multi-course meal with a set price (obviously so much more than what I was willing to spend granted that I started with aperitifs). I decided I didn't want the pasta after all and that I was better off getting my group and leaving. 

We were done and there were more things to see and do. When I went to find Eddard/Philip, he wasn't where I had left him. The bartender on that side had sealed it off to clean it. I went around the other way to find my bags still there. Now, where is Eddard/Philip? I went to Ed/Dad to get onto him for not keeping his eyes on him. What if he's gotten lost and I can't find him? 

Then I woke up.


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