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Contributor Guidelines to ADDitude Magazine

Contributors’ Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in contributing to ADDitude. We’re always looking for strong writers, expert webinar hosts, and powerful stories about ADHD, learning disabilities, and other related conditions.

1. Writing for ADDitude Magazine

Who: Most ADDitude articles are written by journalists and mental-health professionals. However, we are happy to receive first-person articles by parents, employers, teachers, etc. with personal experience with ADHD or LD and insights that might be helpful to ADDitude‘s readers.
How: Read articles on to understand the kinds of articles we publish. Please be aware that story concepts you propose may have been suggested previously by others or may already be planned for publication by our editorial staff.
What: If you’d like to propose an article idea or submit a manuscript you’ve already written, please send a query letter to ADDitude.
Your query letter should include:
  • A brief description or outline of your idea
  • Why you should be the one to write it
  • Any recent clips you may have
If we’re interested in your idea, we’ll get back to you within eight weeks, with details about the assignment (deadline, payment, and so on).
Where: We prefer to receive submissions via email, as attachments. But we accept submissions via US mail, as well.
ADDitude Magazine
108 West 39th Street, Suite 805
New York, NY 10018
Important Details:
  • It generally takes us 6-8 weeks to respond to a submission.
  • We regret that we are unable to return any materials you submit.
  • Articles are usually 2,000 words or less and payment varies according to the article length, the experience and expertise of the author, and other factors.
  • We consider all submissions on a speculative basis. We cannot guarantee that a proposed article, even one that we’ve expressed interest in, will be published.
  • Payment is made upon publication of an article. If an assigned article is not accepted for publication, we will pay a “kill” fee.

2. Blogging for

Who: The editors of the ADDitude web site are always seeking fresh voices to tell the story of living and thriving with ADHD. We are looking for blog posts by parents, adults with ADHD, educators, spouses, and experts. The best bloggers write about their personal experiences and share the strategies/tools that work best for them. We prefer to work with bloggers who commit to regular contributions to the site, however we will consider one-time guests as well.
HowRead our blogs and consider how your blog topic is unique from others already covered.
What: Please send a 300-word sample blog post covering the topic you’d like to blog about (i.e., your work as an ADHD coach, or a review of an ADHD-friendly product). Additionally, send us at least 5 specific blog post ideas, and a sample of previously published work that reflects your ability and interest in blogging on an ADHD-related topic.
Please send all blogging applications via email to, and allow six to eight weeks for a reply.

3. Hosting an ADDitude Webinar

Who: Potential ADDitude webinar contributors should meet all of the following criteria:
  • Be an M.D., Ph.D., or M.S. who has written books or published articles on a topic related to ADHD and related conditions and/or
  • Gives substantive talks, seminars, or lectures on an ADHD or related mental health area of expertise
  • Proposes a webinar topic that is important and relevant to ADDitude readers’ needs and that will support them and improve their lives (in the estimation of the ADDitude editors)
  • Does not promote any specific product or company in the webinar
How: hosts two to four online webinars each month. These are available to our audience at no cost and promoted via email newsletters, social media posts, and online advertisements. Webinars last one hour and draw 3,000-5,000 registrants on average. After the live event ends, all webinars become available on demand for ADDitude users. Audio transcripts are then transferred to podcast format and posted on ADDitude’s ADHD Experts podcast on iTunes.  See webinar archives here and iTunes page here.
What: If you or your client meet the criteria above and you’re interested in presenting as a guest expert on an ADDitude webinar/podcast, please contact us with a summary of the topic of your proposed presentation at


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